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We are dedicated to our clients and operate a highly creative business with designers, illustrators, account executives and production experts headed by Marsha Jansen. We believe in committed long-term relationships that will achieve remarkable success in building profitable brands. All our business is conducted with total professionalism and integrity.

Who We Are

JansenInternational has more than twenty years experience in building a wide variety of brands. We view our clients as partners and together we have achieved remarkable success. We regard ourselves and the creative process as an extension of our clients – creative, marketing strategies and research. With our hands-on approach and call to action, we have an outstanding service reputation. Our vast experience across many branding elements, ensures a single-minded brand message and identity.

What We Do

We specialise in packaging design and other highly innovative and exciting creative solutions:

  • Name Generation
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Point Of Sale
  • Brochure and Leaflet Design
  • Trade Presenters
  • Brand Directives

Our Approach

  1. Understanding brand propositioning and strategic marketing objectives is our starting point.
  2. We translate this from a design perspective before putting pen to paper.
  3. We ensure that our design is an accurate visual translation of the marketing strategy.
  4. Our alliances are chosen for their expertise and knowledge.
  5. As a result real solutions are provided to meet client expectations and brand objectives.